Which is the Better MLM Pitch: Product or Opportunity?4 min read

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The question of whether to lead with the product or the opportunity is an age-old debate. Over the years, I have vacillated between product emphasis and business opportunity emphasis, but if I could have only chosen one way . . . it would have been the product emphasis.

What matters today is no longer who can be the most convincing, what you or I think works, what you or I like to do, or what has historically generated the most end-line business. What is effective TODAY in this new millennium is changing, given the current economic conditions as well as evolving job circumstances for those still in the traditional job world.

Let me be a little bit more specific about those circumstances. In the olden days when I was entering the job market, you basically had one choice: take the job or don?t take the job. The hours, location you worked in, lunch breaks, dress code, etc. were set — in stone. No one had heard of signing bonuses.

Now, it is common for executives and middle management people to do some, if not most or all, of their work at their own pace from a cottage location. As a result, some of the magic we had to offer with MLM that existed only in our domain is now possible in the regular job world. Some management people actually earn high salaries while playing golf with potential clients. So how can we compete with that? Or CAN we compete with that effectively?

Well, I say ?Yes, absolutely!? We just need to take the time to find out some things about our prospects so that we know how to position our program with charisma. One of the most effective ways to hook the ?Donald Trumps? of the world is with a sensational product result. I got a typical phone call the other day from a satisfied customer who had lost 15 pounds in just 6 days. He said he would HAVE to join my company because everybody was asking what in the world he was doing to melt before their very eyes! They all wanted to try the product.

Things have heated up so much since then, that he?s now a director in our company. ?They just take the products away from you,? he laughed. What?s interesting is that the first time we talked with him, we pitched the business as a possibility but it fell on deaf ears. However, he did order the product. By leading with the product, we soon had a hot business prospect. You will too, if your prospect is happy with his product results.

What can you do in today?s marketplace to build an MLM business rapidly? Here are some proven guidelines:

1). Keep before/after pictures and stories on you at all times.

2). If appropriate, wear an intriguing button to snag interest while you?re out and about. (I?ve gotten four sales in the last few days wearing my button while on errands.)

3). Use emotion to interest your customers in helping others get similar benefits.

4). Get creative when painting your job freedom benefits. (I?d point out that while he might be getting paid to play golf, it?s doubtful that he was earning hefty cash bonuses and all-expense paid trips, or that he?s his own boss, as I am.)

5). Point out that if he builds a great business with a stable MLM he probably doesn?t need life insurance — he will have created an even better residual income protection for his loved ones.

6). Stress how easy it is to develop multiple income streams when you?ve got sufficient capital to fuel rapid expansion and to plug those profits back in.

7). Remember that a satisfied customer can translate into a satisfied wholesale buyer whose loyalty will help you create more financial stability and repeat business as your distributors continue to receive promotional literature directly from the company.

8). Ask yourself if you are content with your economic situation and be clear on what it will take to set the stage for your eventual satisfaction. (For me that has always been complete freedom).

I believe that I can create more business than ever this year, but I also see that I need to make a few on-course corrections as I continually adjust yesterday?s business posture so that it will work effectively tomorrow. Stay flexible, stay involved and most of all, stay committed. Many tens of thousands of people are going to become wealthy in the MLM industry, and they are going to become the new millennium industry specialists . . . One of them could be you!

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