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Laminators are not longer just being used in large office buildings or printing plants. Today many people are opting for a home laminator that preserves and protects a wide range of important paper products. Schools have also gotten in the laminating swing of things by creating colourful and lasting memories of the children?s projects, self-made books and other artwork. Take a look at some of the many uses for laminators.

Where to Use a Desk Top Laminator

Desk top laminators are a popular addition to home offices because of their many uses. They generally take sheets of laminating film and can laminate projects as large as 9? x 12?. Some home laminator models are cool touch on the outside so they are safe even for children to use themselves. The finished project comes through the system cool as well so little hands can handle them right away.

Here?s a list of some popular items to laminate at home:

1. Recipe cards
2. IDs and Social Security Cards
3. Important documents such as birth certificates and marriage licenses.
4. Book marks
5. Children?s flash cards and study aids
6. Family chore charts
7. Children?s homemade placemats
8. Photographs
9. A babysitter?s contact and checklist
10. Papers with poems, quotes, or lists of any kind.

There are also many home business applications for a desktop laminator. You can laminate business cards or phone lists. If you use supplies in your business an inventory reorder list or documentation for procedures can be preserved month after month.

Industrial Sized Laminators

The larger, industrial laminating machines are able to take large rolls of laminating film which allows you to laminate continuously with foot after foot of durable plastic. The extra wide width also accommodates extra large projects. Many businesses such as printers will laminate printed materials for their customers on these machines. Some examples are menus, book covers or charts. These laminators use high heat for a lasting seal.

Making Efficient Use of Your Laminator

If you are still questioning whether or not you would actually use a laminator, remember that smaller projects can be lumped together to save time and money.

If you have several small photos, for example, that you want to laminate, you can place as many as will fit on a 9? x 12? sheet together and send them on one pass through the laminating machine. Just be sure to leave enough space between each item and the edge of the sheet for a good, strong seal of film to film.

When trimming your laminated project, leave between 1/8 and ?? along the edge so the seal remains in tact. This will keep the project securely protected day after day.

Remember when purchasing a laminator to choose a size a bit bigger than the largest project you currently think you will need it for. You can always group items, but you can?t get anything bigger through the machine. It is limited by the feed width and size of the laminating film.

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