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Do want to be known as &#8220;The Expert&#8221; or “The Guru”? Do you want to advance your career and income? If you answered yes to both of these questions then you need to become a ?Top Performer? in your profession. Whether you are now a Manager, Executive, Consultant, Sales or Service Specialist, then Sales skills will be one of the keys to your success. Experience and knowledge in your area of specialty may make you an above average performer, but to be a ?Top Performer? start implementing the following 16 Sales skills and action items today.

Top performers are successful by being honest, respecting a clients intelligence and focusing all their energies on how to make a difference in a clients life. After reviewing the following ?Top Performer? Sales skills and action items, you will know how to be more effective, efficient, and successful.

Proven strategies that increase revenue per sale.

1. Bigger revenue comes from bigger offerings. Offer super sizes, volume discounts, extended contracts, offering bundles, etc.

2. Try small ?Early Buy? incentives to increase volume, but keep them small with a time limit. You want to attract customers quickly without diluting the offering pricing structure.

3. Stand strong on the value your offering provides and stick with the original price. Do not discount pricing on your offerings if they truly provide the value described.

4. Increase sales revenues by providing three options or price points. Customers are more likely not to choice the lowest price. Use a set of three options to move customers from the lowest to the middle price range. Make sure each range is well defined and the differences stand out.

5. Successful selling to an ?Dynamic, Entrepreneurial? company. The buyer in this organization is inclined to make independent decisions. Focus on building trust with the customer, your offering, and your company. Make the information and process simple and straightforward.

6. Successful selling to a ?Long Term Visionary? company. Concentrate on the technical features and benefits of your offering. Leverage team selling by matching up your management and technical experts with theirs. Focus on the complete solution that matches or exceeds their long term business needs.

7. Successful selling to a ?Bureaucratic? company. Decisions are usually based on past preferences, policies, and regulations. These are the toughest organizations to get your foot in the door. Make them aware of your offerings, be competitive on pricing, and stay in touch by providing customer success stories. These companies love to follow others.

8. After a customer has made a purchase, offer a special deal on the higher grade model.

Proving tangible benefits help customers make the right decisions.

1. It is best to have one focused benefit that describes ?what you stand for?. Put this benefit on all your correspondence, business cards, memos, letters, and everything else you can think of.

2. Always explain how and why you can achieve the benefits described.

3. Show the offering benefits as measurable and tangible proof that the offering works.

4. Benefits should include ?Loss Prevention? items. Describe the loss the customer will suffer if they do not have your offering.

5. Describe value and benefits in a story, making it as personal as possible.

6. Communicate benefit, uniqueness, and value in an easy to understand presentation.

7. Find meaningful differences in your offering by continuously quantifying your customer needs.

8. Describe offering benefits in a story involving personal gains, feelings, etc.

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