Timeshare Salesman – The Good, The Bad And The Ugly3 min read

Actually I did not find much of anything good to say about timeshare salesman. You be the judge.</p>

It is a sales persons job to sell you their product, make money for the company and make a living for themselves. All well and good.

When you pay your money for anything, whether it is a candy bar, a car or a house you expect to get fair value for your money. You would not expect to pay $100 for a candy bar. And if you spent $10,00 for a car you would expect it to have at least a steering wheel and tires.

And if the person selling you the candy bar said it was 100% chocolate you would reasonably expect it to be chocolate. And you would expect to be able to eat it anytime you wanted to.

When you run into a timeshare salesperson just throw any thought of truth out the window. Their job is simply to take your money no matter what it takes. And the truth will stop them cold in their tracks.

Because buying time shares from a presentation is probably one of the worst deals imaginable. So the salesman has no choice but to lie to you.

It is as simple as that. And how do you know when they are lying to you? Simple – anytime their lips are moving.

Now I ask you again, am I being to harsh?

So what are some of the ridiculous stories that you will be told. Well let’s start with the one about this being a very good economic decision.

Do the numbers work out that way…? Lets see what happens over the next 10 years.

You purchase a timeshare for say $15,000 and have a 10 year payout of the loan. Financing through their company will cost you at least 15% interest. So that is $1932 per year. And then there is yearly maintenance fee of around $450 per year. And then there is exchange membership of around $100 per year and vacation exchange of around $130 per vacation.

For a grand yearly total of $2,612 per year. Which breaks down to $435 per night for one 6 night vacation per year.

Do you have any idea what type of rooms you can get for that much money per night. I will say that they will be far far better then what you will get in your resort exchanges.

Now imagine if you miss one of your vacations and do not “bank” your week. It happens all the time. Now the price of your other vacations just went up.

I used the figure of $15,000 because that is about the least you will be able to pay. But this means you probably will only get a studio. And the week you will be able to use will not be in the height of the season.

Does this effect anything? I should say so. Because the next big lie that you will be told is that you can exchange your week for a top of the season week anywhere. Wait till you try to get that done.

But that big lie will be for the next report.

Stay tuned…

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