The Lapel Pin: The Real Story4 min read

As the name suggests, a lapel pin is a pin worn on your lapel. There are many types of lapel pins that are suitable according to the design that you want it to have. The design is only limited by your imagination. They can be custom made with your company logo, emblem or any other design that you may want. Lapel pins make exceptional promotional products because they look great, are created quickly, and are very affordable.

You can buy ready lapel pins or get them customized according to your needs. Custom lapel pins can be made for any business, organization or school and are perfect for fundraisers, trade shows and promotions. When running competitions, events or contests, giving out lapel pins to participants or fans makes the event that much more memorable. A handcrafted lapel pin can also be an excellent gift.

For Businesses

A well-made lapel pin looks great on the employees of both small firms and big corporations. A single logo or message embodied in a lapel pin strengthens the corporate spirit and adds to a company’s confidence and commitment. Businesses can use custom lapel pins to promote their business services, commemorate a special event or new product launch. They can use them as recognition for a valued employee or as a giveaway to promote their company. You can make quite a hit with trade show and convention visitors by giving out a lapel pin instead of a business card!

For Groups and Organizations

You can easily recognize the members and associates of prominent or public organizations anywhere, thanks to the unique lapel pin that they wear. The more people that see the participants wearing special lapel pins, the more recognition and education you will provide for your group. Enthusiastic supporters may wear it if they get it under the right circumstances, but it is probably best if you don’t think of lapel pins as a source of income!

For Teams

Custom lapel pins are a unique way to create sports memorability that will last a lifetime. Many people collect and trade team lapel pins with a fervor usually reserved for rookie baseball cards. The more popular team pins to trade are sometimes even traded two pins or three pins or more for that one highly prized team lapel pin!

A few of the more popular lapel pin types are:


No matter what your use, cloisonn? is an elegant, durable and affordable option for a custom made lapel pin. Cloisonn? lapel pins have a jewelry-like finish and the highest alleged value among other pins. A cloisonn? pin has a more “retro” look, and therefore may be more appealing to collectors than other types of lapel pins.

With a cloisonn? lapel pin you are carrying on an ancient artistic tradition. The cloisonn? technique can be traced back to 13th century B.C. in ancient Japan. However it was the Chinese that really took over this art form by creating beautiful vases and other artifacts. A cloisonn? lapel pin is actually just a modern interpretation of this ancient and beautiful art.

Most true cloisonn? lapel pins today are made on a copper base, with enamel colors individually mixed. Due to their more detailed manufacturing process, cloisonn? also lends itself to a more dressy or jeweled style of lapel pin. For example, you can consider a cloisonn? lapel pin if the design you are looking for happens to include a stone setting.


This lapel pin is most popular as a two tone metal with no color. This lapel pin is highly recommended for its beauty and where colors are distracting and a plainer look is desired.

Die-struck (soft enamel)

Most popular for wanting to stay with a thick sturdy pin but needing to have a full range of colors to choose from. This type of lapel pin is recommended as a less expensive approach to the cloisonn? lapel pin.

Photographic Pins

Offers the highest degree of detail achieved in a lapel pin. This process allows for pictures or photographs to be transferred to a lapel pin. If you have artwork that has blended colors this is the only process for you.

Silk Screen

Silk screen lapel pins will produce an exact replica of the artwork you choose to reproduce on your lapel pin. When the silk screen process is complete you will have a beautiful lapel pin. You can use silk screened lapel pins for so many things too: parties, corporate events, sports teams, school awards and more! If you have artwork that requires a lot of detail, or if you need solid colors for your text on your pin without moving to a larger size, this is a good choice.

Photo-Etched Pins

Photo-etched pins are known as the most economical lapel pin type. They can incorporate a full range of colors needed. A photo-etched lapel pin also allows for more detail and intricate designs. This type is a favorite for saving on cost and great for a give away or lapel pin trading!

In Conclusion

In today’s marketplace, a lapel pin makes sense as a low cost and high-perceived value promotional item. It is worn, and talked about. When considering how to invest your marketing dollars, take a long, hard look at lapel pins.

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