The Exciting Story of Digimark’s Foundation and Success3 min read

Digimark is the brainchild of Paul Owens.

Paul started the company soon after graduating from the Dublin Institute of Technology. He attributes his success to lots of self-learning and picking up the brains of his peers and industry experts.

His vision is to establish Digimark’s reputation as a trustable agency on which clients can rely for top-notch results.

Digimark’s Niche

Web designing, SEO, and ecommerce are Digimark’s primary niches.

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Digimark’s Proudest Achievements

Digimark’s proudest achievement is its work for a client in the music festival space.

“We handled a project that was a newcomer into the Music Festival space and their first rodeo, so to speak. 

We handled all their digital marketing needs- graphic designing, website development, and selling tickets. We oversold the event target by almost 80%. 

The client was thrilled, and so were we. This project has become a great case study for us to further pitch prospects in this space.”

Challenges Digimark Faced and Overcame

Hiring quality talent and scaling the agency have been the biggest challenges for Digimark.

For the first challenge, we interview many candidates before finalizing someone for the role. For the other challenge, Paul is still figuring out a way.

“The other challenge is scaling my business which I am still trying to work out.”

3 Most Fruitful Strategies for Digimark

Paul accredits a large part of the agency’s success to Ireland’s government which helps businesses to grow online. Other than that, the 3 most fruitful strategies for Digimark are:

  • Being consistently responsive to customer requests.
  • Figuring out the mistakes and eliminating them.
  • Working efficiently.

The Most Challenging Project for Digimark and Its Learnings

The music festival project has been the biggest and the most challenging project for Digimark till today.

The learnings extracted from that project were:

  • Data is crucial for marketing. Pay special attention to the data and focus on what works best and gets results.
  • Work on giving accurate timelines when proposing and billing the project. It’s vital to have a comprehensive system in place that helps you make the right estimations about the time and effort required for a project.

3 Tools That Digimark Uses to Deliver Results to Clients

The three tools used at Digimark are:

  • Surfer SEO as one of the tools for SEO services and blog post optimization.
  • Ubbersuggest for general and quick reporting on keyword positioning.
  • Facebook Meta suite for ad management and reporting

How Has Cloudways Contributed to Digimark’s Success?

Cloudways has been pivotal for Digimark’s success. As Paul puts it:

Brilliant platform for handling our hosting and server management. 

We have tried a few different providers over the years and love Cloudways UI. Your excellent and ongoing feature releases, such as speed and performance enhancements at a server level, plus the staging, cloning, migration, and going live aspects, make life easier. 

The backup and scaling up functionality is also great.”

Digimark’s Advice for Those Who Want to Start Out as a Digital Marketing Agency

Paul has some solid advice for beginners.

“Be attentive and responsive to your clients’ needs. 

Strive for excellence and attention to detail. 

Try to have standard operating procedures in place. Don’t try to take on every client. Try to target clients who already have successful businesses.”

Customer Review at

“Great performance for the price, and plenty of control”

Sean P [SMB Owner]

Raza Aslam Lakhani

I’m a digital content producer at Cloudways. I’m also a hodophile- always ready to explore new places and cultures.

Other than that, I play guitar and love to indulge myself in deep, meaningful conversations. Always looking for opportunities to learn new things.


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