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My Virtual Tours is a powerful tool that will change your perspective of the world. Virtual Reality Tours are quickly becoming one of the most effective ways to promote businesses and events in today’s virtual marketplace. With virtual reality, you can show people what it feels like to be in another place or situation without them ever leaving their home!

This blog post will teach you how virtual reality tours work and why they are such an essential part of marketing strategy for any company that wants to stay competitive in this digital age.

My Virtual Tours is a 360-degree virtual tour builder that may assist you in creating high-value “Interactive Virtual Experiences.” The platform offers a virtual space to develop virtual tours for your clients or business. You may even use the tour to conduct a Live Zoom Call with your audience to elicit feedback.


 My Virtual Tours: Brand Overview

Mario Brown’s My Virtual Tours is an advanced tool that offers several unique capabilities that other Virtual Tool Creators don’t provide. You may, for example, communicate live with your audience to answer their questions, as well as engage in group discussions and polls. We think My Virtual Tours is the ideal platform for you if you want to promote your new business


What is My Virtual Tours?

My Virtual Tours is an online platform that allows you to quickly produce live interactive sessions for displaying your new business or any other space. This service is intended to allow business owners to expose their facilities to a broad range of people via the internet.

My Virtual Tours helps you create a live session that you can use to talk with your clients and answer their questions. It is different from other programs because it has features like analytics, export tours, and calls where you can see the person as they talk to you.

This user-friendly and simple to use interface can help any local business owner expand their commercial potential without requiring technical expertise. The live chat function distinguishes it as unique since it makes it considerably easier and more convenient for you to promptly answer your client’s questions.

You’ll also have access to a number of additional features that no other similar service currently offers. This wide range of features makes My Virtual Tour engaging and unique.


Why Do You Need My Virtual Tours?

My Virtual Tours is certainly one of the most feature-rich virtual tour platforms available, with many capabilities that no other platform currently provides.

Here are some of the reasons to select it:

  • You may simultaneously launch a live chat and a live virtual tour.
  • The live video call system is smart and flawless, allowing you to interact with your audience in real-time.
  • My Virtual Tours’ interface is simple to navigate and use. To access and utilize the platform, you don’t need any prior expertise.
  • It has a sophisticated algorithm that may track your progress and traffic.
  • Every time a lead is converted, my Virtual Tours algorithm notifies you.
  • There are several more features to this platform, such as Google Analytics and Facebook reporting, floor plan upload support, real-time screen sharing, and so on.
  • You may access my Virtual Tours from anywhere in the world thanks to features like a one-click live tour and one-click social sharing.
  • Another aspect of My Virtual Tours that sets it apart is the ability to add voice over to your videos and distribute them for offline viewing, addressing the most frequently asked questions and issues.


How To Use My Virtual Tours?

The Virtual Tours interface is simple to use, and you only have to follow three straightforward actions to create your ideal virtual tour.

  • Upload 360 Degree Videos and Photos

Upload a 360-degree video or photographs to begin. You may shoot these videos and pictures with a 360 camera or even a smartphone.

  • Customize Your Photos and Videos

After you’ve successfully uploaded them to the website, you may add buttons, polls, logos, pictures, quizzes, and so on to it.

  • Share Your Virtual Tours

When you’re finished with all of the required customizations, you may now embed your virtual tour to any website or share it on social media.


—>> Visit My Virtual Tours Website


Specific Features of My Virtual Tours

My Virtual Tours has a lot of innovative characteristics, which has helped it become one of the most popular virtual tour providers in the market. The following are some of the most interesting aspects of My Virtual Tours:

  • Robust Live Chat

You have the option of starting a live conversation with your clients so that they may interact with you. You can talk to your customers to get an answer for any question they might have.

  • Fast Processing 

When it comes to live streaming your virtual tour, My Virtual Tours is extremely quick. You may upload your movies, modify them, and post or embed them on a variety of platforms in minutes. It’s one of the quickest and most accessible services available in the internet market.

  • Uploadable Floor Plan

You may offer your clients floor plans of the area you’re showing. Including a floor plan to a tour enhances the understanding of scale and space for visitors. You may also provide an infinite number of floor plans for your live virtual tour, which provides for a more seamless experience.

  • Lead Capturing

Capturing leads is a very successful marketing approach since it may help you boost your return on investment. My Virtual Tours allows you to gather information about your visitors and target them directly based on their tour experience. My Virtual Tour also has the capability of setting up an autoresponder that can accept your subscribers right away. This function can be quite beneficial

  • Analytics

The inbuilt analytical tool at My Virtual Tours is quite powerful. It may be added to your campaign to gather Google Analytics and Facebook statistics. It also allows you to keep track of people who are visiting your website and those that might become leads.

  • Ambient Sounds

You may add natural sounds to your live tour, such as the sound of the wind, birds chirping, and so on. To provide your customers a more realistic experience, you can capture real-life sounds at the site and include them to the tours.


—>> Visit My Virtual Tours Website


What Businesses Can Benefit from My Virtual Tours?

Many companies take advantage of my Virtual Tours since it meets their demands. Any firm wanting to create a virtual tour of its premises may use it. The following are just a few examples of industries that could benefit from this platform:

  • Real Estate

Real Estate is a business that may benefit the most from a virtual tool provider. You can build engaging and immersive 3D virtual tours. Clients have the option of viewing any property they choose, regardless of their location, thanks to technology like VR.

Finally, you may appeal to a larger audience since your visitors may log on from the comfort of their own homes without requiring a physical visit. Additionally, My Virtual Tours enables you to provide links to virtual tours of particular properties with potential purchasers.

  • Education

VR classes may be more enjoyable and engaging if you integrate more exciting activities into the curriculum. You can improve class performance and understanding by integrating virtual tours, as well as dynamic activities.

  • Automotive Vehicles

You may produce virtual excursions of the vehicle interiors to demonstrate how buyers will feel inside the car. They can log on to a website and look around inside the automobile before approaching the store.

  • Architecture

Create a 3D virtual tour for your clients to give them an immersive experience. Clients may inspect and enjoy your new designs and structures while sitting across the country. You can also get real-time feedback from them to help you make any necessary improvements or adjustments if required.

  • eCommerce Stores

Experiment marketing can help eCommerce businesses use this platform to generate more sales. By developing a 3D virtual image of your product, you may improve your marketing strategy by offering most eCommerce enterprises only 2D representations. When used with the platform’s strong analytics tool, this feature might offer excellent returns.


Pros and Cons of My Virtual Tours?

Here’s a rundown of the benefits and drawbacks of My Virtual Tours.


  • You may link virtual tours with live video calls and live video chats.
  • My Virtual Tours has a wide range of features that are unlike any other service.
  • You may make a considerable profit by creating a virtual tour quickly.
  • All the packages are economical and designed to fit in various budgets.
  • The setup procedure is simple and does not require any technical expertise.
  • A virtual tour can help a variety of companies advertise their offerings..
  • For new consumers, there is a 14-day trial period to get a basic understanding of the platform.


  • You’ll only get access to all of My Virtual Tours’ advantages if you purchase from the official website.
  • You need access to the property or product to click its photos or create a video for creating a virtual experience.

—>> Visit My Virtual Tours Website


Where Can You Buy My Virtual Tours and How Is It Priced?

You can purchase My Virtual Tours from their official website here.

They also provide enticing discounts and specials on their website, which makes the bargain all the sweeter.

Please take a look at My Virtual Tours page for more information. The Commercial License that is provided costs $47 alone, and it includes the following features:

  • 360 Live Tours
  • Background Ambience Music
  • Live Video Chat
  • Floor Plans
  • Analytics tools
  • Lead Collection
  • Customization for tours

The Pro version of this software, which costs $67 and offers extra features such as project renderings and resell rights, is also available.

Also, you can purchase various bundles with the basic Commercial License or Pro Version depending on your requirements.



  1. Who Created My Virtual Tours?

Mario Brown’s Virtual Tours is an online software program created by Mario Brown. Mario Brown is well-known for his excellent internet marketing training tools and services, which come from Germany. He currently resides in Puerto Rico with his wife Maria and son Oliver Maximo, having formerly resided in Germany. Mario Brown has developed a number of goods and services to help fellow marketers.

  1. Who Should Buy My Virtual Tours?

Businesses like real estate, education, architecture, and other industries may benefit from my Virtual Tours. This software allows you to create a realistic 3D virtual representation of your building area or design and show it to potential purchasers. You may even conduct a live video chat with your audience or include a voice-over in the tour.

  1. What is My Virtual Tour Cancellation Policy?

All of their customers may cancel their subscriptions with ease using My Virtual Tour. You can contact customer care and request that your membership be cancelled before your next billing period begins. Subscription cancellation is also possible.

My Virtual Tours provides a 14-day free trial to give you a chance to go through its variety of features.

  1. Do My Virtual Tours Work on Both Windows and Mac, and Do You Require Any Technical Skills?

Yes, you can utilize My Virtual Tours on both Windows and Macs because it is a completely cloud-based service. This platform may also be accessed via your smartphone with an active internet connection.

The website’s user-friendly interface does not require any prior technical expertise. It is intended to provide each user with complete control over the site.


Conclusion: So Is My Virtual Tours For You?

You may use my Virtual Tour to create a 3D virtual tour of any place or product you want to show to your clients. It is one of the greatest services available and offers several unique features, including real-time video chat and the ability to add a voice-over to your tours. You can also save the tours and share them on social

Your Virtual Visit gives you the ability to provide an immersive experience for your customers while sitting in your own home. In case you’re searching for a virtual tour creator, we recommend this platform because we think it has everything you could possibly want and more.

Also, the free 14 days trial period can help you understand this platform without any payment and commitment. Keep using the software if you love it!



Disclaimer: Some of the links in this article are affiliate links that may provide me with a small commission at no cost to you. we always offer honest opinion, relevant experiences and genuine views related to the product or service itself. Our goal is to help you make the best purchasing decisions, however, the views and opinions expressed are ours only. As always you should do your own due diligence to verify any claims, results and statistics before making any kind of purchase. You can read my full affiliate disclosure in my privacy policy.





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