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Todays marketers have access to more data than ever before. The increasing number of devices, and people using them, has allowed brands to personalize customer experiences. Yet relying solely on technology and data could end up doing more harm than good.

“Intuitively, we as marketers in this digital transformation age think, ‘Technology, data…that will help us,’” said Frans Riemersma, CEO of MartechTribe, in his MarTech presentation. “So what do we do? We’ll equip our customers with even more technologies and cookies and what have you. It’s more data and more technology, but it doesn’t mean we see the customer.”

He added, “So what we’re actually trying to do is to create a snapshot of customer needs and then try to figure out what the data and technology are doing so we can cater to their needs and speak to them in a relevant way.”

Effective CX strategies are experience-driven — companies employing them see 18 times faster revenue growth than other brands, according to a Forrester study commissioned by Adobe. These organizations use data to inform customers and avoid confusion. They’re primarily concerned with improving the customer journey.

Here are three experience models that will help you determine what levels of CX strategy integration are present within your marketing organization.

1. Channel-driven

Channel-driven models focus on tracking and monitoring their audiences in their channels. The use of ad hoc reports helps these marketers answer the question of “what” their markets are doing.

2. Data-driven

Marketing operations using data-driven CX models are focused on getting to the root of why specific audience events occurred. They rely on marketing databases and dashboards to analyze many customer channels, all to remedy any issues and understand their market segments.

3. Journey-driven

Reviewing the customer journey from a holistic perspective should be the main goal of your CX strategy. Journey-driven models offer organizations valuable insights via AI and business intelligence technologies, which can be effectively orchestrated by CDPs. This helps marketers learn how to enhance CX at every touchpoint in omnichannel environments.

Watch the full video presentation from our MarTech conference here (free registration required).

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Corey Patterson is the Content and SEO Manager for MarTech and Search Engine Land. With a background in SEO, content marketing, and journalism, he analyzes and optimizes Third Door Media content to help marketers find the information they need.

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