How DDN’s Problem-Solving Spirit Helped It Win Scalability5 min read

With a passion to facilitate young businesses with the right foundational tools, this design agency helps job creators fulfill their branding, marketing, web design, and development requirements every day.

We are talking about none other than Design Develop Now, Inc.(DDN). This design agency helps U.S businesses leverage affordable digital technology and marketing services to start, grow, and scale their businesses.

The company offers a full suite of solutions ranging from strategy to execution including C-suite strategic growth advisory, website design, custom software development, digital marketing services, and business software implementations.

In 2018, Jaime Davis started DDN while working full-time for a medical supplies company as their Head of Information Technology. His inspiration to start DDN came when his employer was valued at, and acquired for, US $160M. A direct result of his efforts over the previous 10+ years leading proprietary IT, Sales, and Marketing implementations.

The Niche They Operate In

DDN believes in empowering small and medium enterprises because it aims to help them create jobs. “Our niche in the outsourced Information Technology & Digital Marketing space is helping small and medium enterprises under $100M in revenue. This is our sweet spot in the market for the types of companies we serve because these are the companies that can truly benefit from the outsourced services we offer before having the budget to build out their own in-house teams.”

DDN’s Biggest Challenges and Achievements

Pivoting the business for scale. It’s challenging yet exciting. It’s still happening as we speak.” 

The major challenge for Design Develop Now Inc. was scalability. With an increasing client base, DDN knew it had to formulate a system that would ease task alignment and management.

Like any business, we’ve had to constantly ensure quality services while scaling. When we had less than 10 projects it was easy to be informal, and basically just assign things in slack. However, we’ve had to become more mature with our internal management processes to ensure quality delivery with a larger volume of clients.”

The only way you can solve a problem is when you are first able to identify it. DDN applied this and ensured that quality services were opted in order to scale.

This problem-solving approach has helped it grow from a small vendor services provider to a team of 50+ web designers and digital marketers. It has also delved into the c-suite strategy and software implementation as part of its value-driven approach.

We started out as a vendor services provider building websites and print marketing without much impact on strategy. Today, we have a strong talent pool of 50+ web designers and digital marketers, and have penetrated the market to expand our service offerings with c-suite strategy and business software implementations to provide more value to our customers.”

This is definitely a big win for DDN, and DDN also considers it one of its biggest achievements.

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DDN’s Recipe For Success

Design Develop Now Inc. follows three strategies that have allowed it to grow in a short span of time. These strategies are also core values that the agency embodies and has embedded within their system.

For DDN, apart from strategy, the people, systems, and processes, also have a significant role to play. But the three core strategies it always adheres to are the following:

Being Fair

“Always be fair, as a matter-of-fact, be more than fair with colleagues, clients, staff and partners. Your reputation is on the line.”

Alignment as a Team

“Don’t carry the world on your shoulders, align with talent and partners that share your vision, contribute to the big picture and offer real value.”

Not Giving Up

“Don’t give up. Even when you’ve failed or just don’t see a future in sight, figure out how to keep going and watch what happens.”

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The Three Tools That DDN Uses to Streamline Its Workflow

DDN uses the following three tools that assist it in carrying out business processes.

  • Zoho One – DDN uses this tool to benefit from a full-suite of integrated business applications for every department
  • Call Rail – The agency uses this tool for call tracking and call analytics
  • Slack – In order to communicate effectively within the team

How Cloudways Contributed to DDN’s Success

For DDN, the biggest challenge was managing its growing team of 50+ web designers and digital marketers. Scalability was a major hurdle constantly slowing it down.

That is when DDN met Cloudways, and it has only good things to share after crossing a big milestone and achieving greatness!

Cloudways has made it easier for us to streamline our operations management processes to maintain client websites without sacrificing security. We appreciate the 24/7 365 support.” 

DDN’s Top Tips For People Who Wish to Work in the Same Niche or Start a New Agency

DDN believes in giving back to the community, and the agency has a few tips it would like to share with those people who either want to work in the same niche, or want to start a new agency.

“From a website hosting perspective, start with a solid foundation. Security is more important than ever today. As an agency, you’ll also want to minimize the effort needed by yourself and your team, so don’t make the mistake of the typical “affordable” go-to hosting companies. You’ll likely end up paying more in the long-run.”

Customer Review at

“Great performance for the price, and plenty of control”

Sean P [SMB Owner]

Sadia Zia

I work as a Senior Digital Content Producer at Cloudways. Creating content keeps me busy for the most part, but I relish discovery, adventure, and thrive in challenging situations and environments.


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