How Cipher Digital’s Committed Attitude Help Agency’s Growth5 min read

Launched 15 years ago, today Cipher Digital is a full-scale digital marketing agency that offers small businesses online visibility solutions through a client-centric approach.

How Cipher Digital Creates Impact for its Clients

The Cipher Digital team offers several digital services, such as digital marketing, social media marketing, website design, and web development.

However, its core interest is helping businesses rank in the SERPs organically. That makes SEO their primary niche of operations.

According to Mike Rux, Cipher Digital is “committed to making a positive impact on our clients and the world around us, and we are always looking for new ways to help our clients succeed.”

Cipher Digital’s Biggest Achievements As an Agency

Over the years, Cipher Digital has amassed quite the collection of awards in recognition of its work, including:

  • A+ BBB (Better Business Bureau Rating)
  • 2022 Top 3 Rated Digital Marketing Agency
  • Best Web designers in Gilbert 2022
  • 2022 Top 3 Web Designers in Gilbert, AZ.
  • Design Rush Best Digital Marketing Agencies 2021
  • Clutch Industry Leader 2022

Awards aside, Cipher Digital classifies their exceptional results for clients as an achievement they’re most proud of. One example that the agency accentuated was of their client YouFit Health Clubs.

“We improved the organic traffic for a company called YouFit Health Clubs. We improved their organic traffic using SEO by 3x. This allowed them to reduce their Google Ad spend by 50K per month.”

How Cipher Digital Overcame its Greatest Challenges

Cipher Digital had its fair share of hosting struggles before they found Cloudways. As the agency says:

“We struggled with spending too much time resolving hosting problems. Not to mention the configuration of each setting on the server for optimization & security. The upkeep and maintenance was also consuming a lot of our time.”

The only solution to the problem was to look for better hosting platforms. Cipher Digital decided to switch to Cloudways and that proved to be a viable solution to the hosting issues.

“We found by switching over to a better hosting platform, our server response time increased. We have had such an easy transition to CloudWays and are very impressed with the hosting and the hands-free approach.”

Because of this transition, the agency now spends more time on the digital marketing needs of their clients and gets to produce better results.

Save your agency’s time and deliver better results today!

Try Cloudways and experience a managed hosting platform designed to facilitate you and take away your hosting troubles.

There were other internal challenges as well that Cipher Digital talked about with us. Like how they have a different set of challenges with each campaign and how it’s tackled with a strategy and a plan of execution.

Another challenge arose when the pandemic hit. The agency quickly had to move its operations from an in-house setting to remote. It was done by implementing the best available software and communication platforms available.

The agency continues to operate remotely today. Cipher Digital believes that this decision helps their team better manage their family life while delivering quality results for their clients.

What Was Cipher Digital’s Most Challenging Project?

For Cipher Digital, turnkey ecommerce projects came with a steep learning curve. The challenge lay in enabling business owners to monitor, manage and improve their inventory. Simultaneously, they had to work their own magic on the sites and improve their online visibility.

The agency figured out ways to help store owners track their progress and manage the inventory, while Cipher Digital worked on the projects to attract relevant audiences. As they say:

“This keeps the business engaged and allows them to do what they do best while we work on advancing their sales and marketing!”

How Cloudways Contributed to Cipher Digital’s Growth

According to the agency: “Cloudways has been a great manageable hosting service that lets our agency provide fast hosting of websites and applications. 

We have benefited in the extreme from the easy user experience of the Cloudways dashboard. It allows us to add everything we need to manage our clients websites and applications. 

WE LOVE YOU! Thus far.”

The Cipher Digital’s Recipe for Success

Cipher Digital believes that its secret to success lies in three simple points:

  1. Find the time to work on our agency’s results online.
  2. Continue to develop new processes and improve the ones that currently work well.
  3. Stay engaged with the client and provide them with sustainable results.

The Three Software Tools/Apps Cipher Digital Uses

The top three tools used at the agency are:

  1. SEMRush (great for reporting and agency portals for results)
  2. SLACK (keeps us in contact with clients and each other to work as a team)
  3. WordPress (great open source CMS that lets us put the power of the website in the hands of the business owner)

Cipher Digital’s Top Tips for New Agencies

Cipher Digital has some solid advice for the newcomers”

“Work your rear off and try new things. Never give up and always find the time to help yourself and your clients. 

Find the right businesses to work for and keep your processes ahead of your competitors. 

Don’t pay attention to the skeptics and keep the shiny things at a distance, meaning focus on what drives results for you and your clients!”

Customer Review at

“Great performance for the price, and plenty of control”

Sean P [SMB Owner]

Raza Aslam Lakhani

I’m a digital content producer at Cloudways. I’m also a hodophile- always ready to explore new places and cultures.

Other than that, I play guitar and love to indulge myself in deep, meaningful conversations. Always looking for opportunities to learn new things.


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