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Email marketing is undoubtedly one of the major boosters in the digital marketing field, and, when done right, all businesses can benefit from its effectiveness.

Email marketing can boost a brand’s authority and loyalty, especially in the eCommerce sector, while simultaneously leading to great ROI:

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On the other hand, eCommerce stores need platforms to support them. Hence, creating the need for tools like Magento, an open-source eCommerce platform with features that cover most of the requirements of an eCommerce store.

Magento offers a free version to help you decide whether or not it’s for you. Also, if you need more functionalities, Magento offers extensions through the Magento marketplace.

But despite its possibilities, Magento email marketing cannot happen without an email marketing and marketing automation tool to boost your eCommerce store’s performance and allow you to create targeted messages with spot-on content.

In this post, we’re going to talk about the best Magento email marketing platforms for eCommerce stores that can be a valuable weapon in your eCommerce arsenal.

Table Of Content: Magento Email Marketing Platforms

The Benefits of Magento Email Marketing

Email marketing is a staple for eCommerce. Since Magento helps set up eCommerce stores, email marketing should be the first thing for a Magento merchant to target.

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Email marketing is one of the core marketing tactics for eCommerce, and using it will help you stay on top of the competition. However, you require the right tools and email sequences that make sense for you and your audience.

So long as you create a marketing strategy that includes Magento email marketing platforms and marketing automation solutions that will boost your ROI and engage your audience, pairing Magento and email marketing could be considered a wise move.

Now, your eCommerce marketing strategy should encompass email sequences that include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Replenishment emails for every item a user needs to re-purchase in specific time intervals.
  • Welcome and anniversary emails that boost open rates and build brand authority.
  • Transactional emails that build trust and show the user the progress of their transaction.
  • Milestone emails that can usually come with an offer or an upsell/cross-sell attempt.
  • Cart abandonment emails that are proven to raise average order value and a brand’s revenue.
  • Newsletters, so that the eCommerce store can remain top-of-mind, with fun and personalized how-to’s and announcements, as well as inspiring stories.
  • Review emails that will give the brand a boost in credibility.

Top 5 Magento Email Marketing Platforms

The above email sequences are perfect vessels for your Magento email marketing strategy. They can boost sales and awareness and gently lead the user further down the funnel, especially when paired with other digital marketing tools. So, let’s see what the top Magento email marketing platforms are and how they can help you boost your online store.


Magento Email Marketing Moosend 3

Moosend is a powerful email marketing and marketing automation tool with a short learning curve and tools that can accommodate the needs of both Fortune-500 companies and SMBs.

Moosend’s core features include a powerful Drag-and-Drop email editor, an extensive email template library with fully customizable templates that are guaranteed to boost your Magento email marketing efforts, and landing page and subscription form features, for some expert lead generation.

Magento’s Moosend integration works beautifully, reducing cart abandonment with some spot-on email sequences. At the same time, the expert personalization and segmentation tools guarantee that email marketing for Magento will be flawless and tailor-made to each customer. Lastly, Moosend offers ready-made automation recipes that can send out triggered messages, making email marketing for Magento easy and intuitive.

Moosend’s platform comes in three pricing tiers:

  • The Free Forever plan offers a variety of features and covers up to 1500 subscribers.
  • The Pro plan starts at $8/month, billed annually.
  • The Enterprise plan is custom-made and offers exactly what the user wants – perhaps even more.


Magento Email Marketing Hubspot 4

Magento email marketing would be too difficult to achieve without tools like HubSpot, one of the most popular email marketing and CRM tools.

HubSpot allows marketers to create, personalize, and automate emails using data from its robust CRM tool and adding Magento to the equation for some expert conversion marketing.

Magento 2 email marketing can work wonders when paired with a complete solution like HubSpot. Marketers can create personalized messages, upsell and cross-sell easily, while knowing everything there is to know about a customer; their preferences, average order value, or customer lifetime statistics.

Before going forward, please note that a HubSpot account is needed to use Magento’s integration. This could mean that email marketing for Magento could get a little pricey with this tool.

HubSpot’s Magento integration requires a specific pricing plan that costs $72.42/month, billed annually.

Campaign Monitor

Magento Email Marketing Campaign Monitor 5

A really popular Magento email marketing solution, Campaign Monitor offers a well-rounded email marketing tool for Magento stores.

Campaign Monitor can boost a brand’s email strategy with analytics reports and an easy-to-use email editor. At the same time, its personalization solutions are data-backed and allow for precise segmentation that will help you lead users a bit further down the sales funnel.

Campaign Monitor’s pricing plans start at $9/month, billed annually, and can go up to $19/month.


Magento Email Marketing Get Response 6

GetResponse’s marketing automation tool can work wonders when paired with a tool like Magento. GetResponse is a service that comes with a CRM feature, lead generation options like landing pages, and a webinar creation tool that will get you started.

The platform offers email templates to fuel your inspiration, even though marketers can’t fuel their Magento email marketing inspiration by sending unlimited email campaigns.

The pricing of the platform lies in tiers. There is a Free Forever plan with limited capabilities, while the paid plans start at $15/month, billed annually. GetResponse also offers a fully customizable Enterprise plan.


Magento Email Marketing SendInBlue 7

SendInBlue’s email marketing tool allows users to integrate email marketing for Magento with their store while offering SMS marketing options as well, giving a well-rounded solution that follows all eCommerce marketing trends.

This platform allows Magento store owners to segment and nurture leads as their email marketing for Magento goes along, with workflows and automation triggers that allow for tailor-made messages that stem from a user action. According to some users, its automation builder causes a little more friction than necessary, and its customer support isn’t always top-tier.

SendInBlue’s prices range from a Free plan that covers up to 300 emails daily to an Enterprise plan that is custom made. Its Lite plan starts at $25/month, while the Premium plan starts at $66/month. However, the plans’ cost varies according to the Magento store’s sending needs.

Final Words

Email marketing can go a long way and allow Magento stores to enhance their marketing plan while boosting customer conversion and average order value.

The truest pro of email marketing is the way it can open dialogue between a store and a customer, making email marketing for Magento a true necessity.

The above email marketing platforms for Magento stores can boost your efforts and lead you to true success.

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