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Building portfolio layouts was earlier associated with coding and technical minds. Semplice has transformed the game as it lets the user create their own layouts without dealing with a single line of code.

Semplice is a self-hosted portfolio builder built to eliminate designing difficulties and grant the powers of professionalism to novice users. With its easy drag-and-drop functionality and easy-to-use framework, virtually any user can work with Semplice without getting caught in the webs of coding.

Despite being a recent addition to the WordPress themes, Semplice has already become the first choice of many designers worldwide due to its ingenious and creative designs.

Before debating on Semplice’s usability and functionalities, we will first go through a short overview to help you get acquainted with its basics.

Semplice Overview

Semplice is a theme suited for modern blogs that combines simplicity and class in the perfect ratio to put forward an attractive design. This aesthetic portfolio theme helps your blog gain the attention of potential visitors and impress them with its charming and artistic designs.

Semplice Overview

With Semplice, users get the liberty to customize the designs to display a true reflection of their brand and the thought behind it. The easy-to-use portfolio builder allows novice users to incorporate their ideas into reality without dealing with any sort of coding or geeky stuff.

Without further ado, let’s jump right in to discover Semplice’s astounding features, weigh its pros and cons, check the pricing plans, and put a final word on its usage and functionalities.

Semplice Customization Features

What’s a tool without fancy features? Boring. No one wishes to use a tool that only does what it is supposed to do. A bit of spark added in the form of features and functionalities helps the tool grasp people’s attention.

Semplice understands and fulfills the needs of features that provide hacks to achieve end results not just easily but also keeping alive the aesthetic elements. Let’s learn more about Semplice’s salient features that differentiate it from its competitors.

Advanced Portfolio Grids

Non-tech-savvy users require the ease-of-use at its finest level. Semplice facilitates such users to display their pages in the best visual manner via its interactive grids. The innovative split-screen grid feature lets you position elements on different sides of the page and add customized effects to them.

You can also put their projects in vertical panels and use the creative effects and transitions to display artistry and aestheticism.

Semplice Advanced Portfolio Grids Feature

The centered text grid lets you place the text in the center, change transparency, or attach images that overlap text to suit your requirements. You may use its full-screen text grid feature to write titles with hover images.

The easy customization of all elements on the page eliminates the strenuous efforts in getting the desired results and allows the visitors to have an engaging experience on your page.

Custom Typography

Gone are the days when people were stuck with a fixed design and had no part in customizing the typographies to showcase their creative ideas. Semplice lets you transform your page’s design by enabling you to choose the styles, designs and upload your favorite fonts to improve your typography.

Semplice Custom Typography Feature

Users can upload self-hosted fonts, and if they wish to use any other service to get their desirable fonts, they can do that since Semplice allows custom fonts from any service. Achieve consistency by creating your personalized type systems for various elements to be used throughout all sections of your website.

Unlike other page builders, Semplice does not limit you to just bold or italicize the text, as it lets you set the width and weight of your selected fonts to come up with presentable text pieces.

Ease of Use

When a tool is built for non-techy users, the main emphasis should be on intuitiveness and ease of use. The more user-friendly the tool, the more likely it will gain people’s attention.

Semplice is known for its user-friendliness as this portfolio page builder does not require the user to have any coding proficiency.

With Semplice, you get to opt for the host of your own site and have the complete freedom to manage your website. This transparency and control ensure that your data is not being monitored by anyone else. Semplice ensures that they don’t track your visitors or have any access to your data.

full control via Semplice

Since Semplice allows the users to create their projects ab initio, they can easily customize the designs and build pages thanks to its intuitive drag-and-drop builder.

Who likes to limit their site to the boring default settings? Certainly not the creative minds. Semplice brings an opportunity for its creative users to fully control their website and construct their navigations according to their designs.

Semplice Navigations Feature

The fully customizable feature allows you to design customized navigations that show the true reflection of your brand or the ideas behind your page.

You can get started with the custom navigations by opting for your preferred navbar structures offered by Semplice and then customize them further accordingly. Furthermore, the navigation features shine on mobile devices as it adapts to its display.

Page Transitions

Exciting elements like page transitions improve the user experience and add creativity to your site. Semplice offers smooth page transitions with various transitions styles so that you may choose the faded or surprise revealing entries and exits for your pages.

Semplice Page Transitions Feature

The customizable settings enable the user to set the transitions’ duration and styling. The reveal transition permits you to introduce your brand’s logo or image in between the page transitions. Stand out from your competitors by incorporating interesting transitions between your pages.

Dribbble Module

The latest Dribbble module permits users to integrate the designing-platform galleries into their portfolios with ease.

Semplice has removed the hassles of going through the countless confusing integrational steps. With Semplice’s one-click integration solution, users can see all their Dribbble post updates on their website.

Semplice Dribbble Module

You can also gain traffic via the images that are linked with your Dribbble profile. Thanks to the customized layout option, you can customize how your Dribbble updates appear on your site, opt from the various grid options and calibrate the details using Semplice.

Media Library

Semplice offers a media library to all its users to easily organize their files, giving them quick access to the design elements.

With the classification of files into folders and sort options, it is easy for the users to manage their sites and work on the creative elements without any struggles.

Semplice Media Library

The instant uploading via drag & drop allows you to immediately pick up files and add them to your library. The drag & drop option isn’t limited to just uploading but also comes in handy in the organization of your files as you can easily drag your files between folders to sort them.

The image titles and description editing feature helps optimize your site for SEO to gain better rankings on the search engines.

Customer Support

Unlike other tools, Semplice does not provide any phone support or even a Live Chat feature. Some people count this in its cons. However, Semplice balances the need via its swift email support.

Semplice Customer Support

Additionally, Semplice provides all its users with its knowledge base and the FAQs that target the recurring problems and provide their easy solutions. You will get the answers to all your queries and issues in the help center.

Not good with the step-by-step solutions? You can get the visual guides since Semplice has integrated video tutorials on almost all of its pages and extensive video guides that help users figure out easy solutions to their problems.

Semplice video tutorials

Still not satisfied? Semplice has an active community across all major social media platforms that you can connect to resolve all your issues.

Semplice: Pros and Cons

Semplice makes it easier for all users to create staggering portfolios in a short span. Its visual editor, combined with the drag and drop functionality and endless tools, makes it a user-friendly portfolio builder.

Should you get Semplice or not? We have pointed out the pros and cons of this tool to help you make the right decision.


  • Drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Excellent tool for creating portfolios.
  • SEO features.
  • Great tool for non-techy designers.
  • Time-saving.
  • Responsive layouts.
  • One-time payment for lifetime access.


  • A bit expensive.
  • You cannot use it with any other CMS except for WordPress.
  • It needs a separate domain and hosting management.

Semplice Pricing

Semplice pricing plans

Unlike other page builders, Semplice does not require a monthly or yearly subscription but a one-time payment and lets you enjoy its perks for a lifetime. Semplice has divided its pricing plan into three packages that are further described below:

1) Single

  • Costs $119 excluding tax.
  • Recommended for personal use.
  • Includes a single license.
  • Offers the features including Custom Font sets, Gallery Slider, Code Module, Content Editor, Dribbble Module, and more.

2) Studio

  • Costs $168 excluding tax.
  • Recommended for small studios and agencies.
  • Includes a single license.
  • Offers all features that the Single version does, including some extra features like the Instagram Module, Advanced Grids, Before/After Module, Design with Blocks, etc.

3) Business

  • Costs $699 excluding tax.
  • Recommended for commercial use.
  • Includes ten licenses.
  • Offers all the features that Single and Studio versions provide.

Semplice Review: Is It Worth a Try?

Semplice is a smart option for creative individuals, rising brands, and established businesses to mark their presence in the digital world. The easy customization options, visual editor, and user-friendly design elements make this tool an excellent choice as it frees you from dealing with the technicalities of coding.

People who like to abstain from monthly or yearly payments can take advantage of Semplice, as it only requires a one-time payment and offers its services for a lifetime.

All things considered, Semplice is a solid contender in the list of growing page and portfolio builders and is already making a name due to its outstanding services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Semplice easy to use?

Yes, Semplice is quite easy to use thanks to its visual editor and its drag-and-drop functionality, which lets non-techy users build their own pages and portfolios without dealing with any coding complexities.

Is Semplice a plugin?

No, Semplice is not a plugin. It is a WordPress-based portfolio tool and page builder that lets users build their pages and portfolios without dealing with any coding complexities.

Is Semplice a WordPress theme?

Yes, Semplice is a responsive WordPress portfolio theme built for designers to create aesthetic designs via easy drag and drop functionality and a responsive visual builder.

How do I install Semplice to WordPress?

You can install Semplice to WordPress by following the easy steps below:

  • Download Semplice’s zip file from its official website.
  • Visit your WordPress admin dashboard.
  • Navigate to Appearance, and click Themes.
  • Click the “Add New” button.
  • Click Upload Theme, and upload the zip file. (Note: You will receive two zip files from Semplice, upload the second one)
  • Click the Install Now button, and enjoy using Semplice on WordPress.

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