Hi there! My name is Steve, I currently work as a part-time Pastor and I’m now focussing some time on my affiliate marketing blog – I was born and raised in Sydney, Australia, where I still live today.

My core business running Integrity Social is about helping people with knowledge of affiliate or digital marketing and understanding the different tools and strategies to get better in marketing. I’m also learning to be a better authority site builder. 

In a nutshell, I’m a coffee lover and enjoy technology -I’ve been excited about digital marketing for the last 4 years, and slowly building my blog in the affiliate marketing niche when I can. Usually, I’m pretty quiet as a person but I’m always keen to help people in the digital marketing space (particularly people who are keen to grow and try new things) and I’m loving my own learning and upgrading my own skills in church leadership & digital marketing. I love my family – wife and awesome boy whom I respect, love, and care for very much. 

 You might be wondering why a pastor is as well? well, I love my being involved in church ministry and as a Christian who loves Jesus, I also believe that marketing and technology can be an important part of ministry to the church in many different ways.

Before this, I was working full-time, with long hours like most people and I felt like people didn’t care about what I was doing and I felt alone most of the time. Now I have a bit more freedom now working fewer hours and also having less anxiety also means I’m a tad happier, for my family and myself. 

However, I have also been doing digital marketing and as an entrepreneur as a side gig since 2017.  I’ve been building my business branding as a marketer very slowly. But I’ve used some really good products, software, and business courses that I will be sharing in my blog over a period of time.

 All was going great then in 2019; things came smashing down drastically when I had my first stroke. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was likely a ticking time bomb. I started a contract job in Woolworths selling car insurance and within a month of being there, one day I just felt that things weren’t quite right. I struggled to put words together, and my thoughts became jumbled. Normally I wasn’t that slow and I was good at my job so I decided to drive to Bankstown hospital myself. They sent me home with a panadol and other pain meds for the headaches and said if anything changed to come back to the hospital. Of course, I went back to work and I managed to make it back home that second day even though I still felt unwell but didn’t know why.

The following day it was probably about midday and was about to have lunch then it happened to me again – but it was much more intense, headaches, and my thoughts were jumbled, and couldn’t think straight. This time I called my wife and asked her to come and pick me up for a check-up with my GP. Thankfully my GP told me to go straight to the hospital as something needs to be scanned in my brain. Bankstown hospital finally did scans for my brain and found a bleed, they immediately transported me by ambulance to Liverpool hospital as they have a far superior brain unit there. I’m thankful to God and my surgeons though even though it was scary and not knowing whether I would see my wife or son and even if I did would I forget them? after the major brain surgery, it’s now been about 2 years and I’ve improved heaps. I’m working, fewer hours but it’s a wonderful opportunity to share my story in different ways.

This made me realize that going to full-time work wasn’t going to happen at least for me now, and so I needed to make a change—a plan to create something sustainable and long term—a viable strategy. So I focused my energy on creating an authority site and after doing some great training with a free Super affiliate marketing course, and a free business challenge worth checking out and that’s how SmartSRdigital.com was created.

I’ve started reviewing and writing about my favourite marketing tools, this is leading to real progress promoting products like ActiveCampaignAweber, GetResponse, ClickFunnelsSuper Affiliate NetworkLegendary Marketer, Blake Nubars FB Funnel, and many other affiliate programs and tools I’ll be looking reviewing or sharing my experiences at some point in the game!

How have I gained?

I would like to say because I’ve learned heaps and I’ve completed great marketing courses, including social media marketing but just learning and not doing at least 90% stuff, is not helpful either. You don’t learn by courses you learn by trial and error and really doing, by falling over, picking yourself up, and trying again. Only then does success come. But like many digital marketers say that this is not a “get rich scheme” it requires work, time and relationships.

That being said, I’m just always reading, testing, and creating new assets that will help me grow my own digital marketing business. I’ve FAILED heaps too and still do truth be told!

While I used to keep everything I learned to myself, I will be newly starting to share what I’m learned with my FB group, my private Mastermind Group, and others on my email list. This helped me discover that I get a lot of satisfaction from assisting others to grow their own business as well. And I want to help you too.

How Do I Get Started With Digital Marketing?

And it’s not easy to answer since there are so many ways you could get started.

But I’ve adapted this simple business system from Dave Sharpe (from the Legendary Marketer) that I think anybody can implement the business plan, particularly in this Business Challenge.

First, you need to think about some goals. I’ve learned to plan out my yearly goals, and then break them down to quarterly and then monthly. As a business owner, this is really important. Without goals, your business will fail.

How much do you want to save?

How much income do you want to earn? and when?

Goals for generating leads and build email lists (your most important asset) or how much a following you want on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, and so on.

Second, you should decide what traffic source you would like to focus on. This will be based on your specific strengths and skills. If you’re good at writing, then I would suggest blogging. If you’re comfortable making videos, will be worth going with Youtube. If you have some money and want more immediate results, you can try paid traffic like Facebook Ads or Solo Ads, Adwords, Google Ads, or Bing. But I’ve spent quite a bit on Facebook or Google ads so unless you know what your doing, learn how to use the organic marketing methods first.

Still not sure? Then Facebook organic marketing is an excellent platform for most new marketers (I’m learning to use this better). Then you need to decide on your hook. This will be some sort of lead magnet that will help you build your list. It needs to be targeted, actionable, and easy to consume. (Nobody wants to read your 100-page PLR ebook!)

Twitter can also be an excellent way to market for free and to build a really strong audience. Having an audience that you interact with and also interacts with you is incredibly important. Building relationships then means you will have a free source of leads that will just grow and grow.

My first lead magnet is called the 5 ways To Increase Your Affiliate Commissionsand the hook is that I want to show you my ongoing journey of starting from scratch and I’m planning to work towards being a super affiliate.

Create a squeeze page that allows your lead magnet and trade for an email address. When someone opts-in, promote a related offer on the thank you page. ClickFunnels is what I used to create my landing page.

Finally, the last step is to write your email sequence. You will want to write at least 10 emails, spaced over 30 days. But if you can write more, then write more.

In these emails, get personal, share your story, be engaging, and promote GENIUNE affiliate offers that will benefit your leads. Now you have a working passive income affiliate funnel!

You’re ready to send as many visitors to it as you can using your chosen traffic source. You’ll build your email list, and your email sequence will make you affiliate commissions on autopilot. As you get more successful, keep adding more and more offers into your series.

What’s a good lead magnet to use?

I’ve found that reports, checklists, videos, and software work really well as lead magnets. If you use ClickFunnels, share funnels can also be very useful.

What affiliate products should I promote in my email sequence?

I always suggest promoting affiliate products that you have used yourself. If you are just starting out, I really liked Legendary Marketer. It’s a great program to join because of its impressive value ladder. 

I’m broke, and I need cash fast. Will this work for me?

Probably not. From my experience, no totally free method works that fast. It’s a business, and it requires work and at least some investment. 

If you want to succeed with affiliate marketing or any digital marketing for that matter, you going to have to invest some amount of money – anyone, that says that you can run a business with no money down is lying or faking crap like showing off pictures of nice cars, beautiful woman and loads of cash to you all of that you can get on Google.

If you haven’t got any money to start, I would suggest getting a job – that is the fastest way to earn money and work your business as a side hustle until you can grow the business.

How can I learn to write better copy?

The Copywriter’s Playbook is also an excellent course from Legendary Marketer. For only $1, it’s worth taking a look and you can’t go wrong!

How do I get better at email marketing?

Visit bensettle.com and join Ben’s email list. He’s really good, a must for email marketing.

What’s the best ClickFunnels training?

Hands down it’s the One Funnel Away Challenge. It’s excellent. And once you’ve gone through it, promote it yourself to earn your money back and earn (100% commissions!)

I would recommend reading these books DotComSecretsExpert Secrets and Traffic Secrets

What email service do you use?

I currently have paid accounts with Aweber, GetResponse.

If you’re doing solo ads and promoting affiliate links, I recommend  Getresponse or Sendlane also good but a bit more on the pricey end so you can build on your affiliate promotions.

What Web Hosting do you use?

I use Siteground for most of my sites. It’s pretty good so far and cheap. I’ll be sharing information about WPX Hosting and I’ve used Bluehost before but now I’ve found siteground cheap and easy to use. 

Can I chat with you on FB?

Sure, I’m pretty easygoing. Get to me on Facebook messenger, and I’d love to chat with you to see how I can help your affiliate business or anything digital marketing!