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The struggle is real when it comes to choosing the right WooCommerce hosting. As developers, you’re hunting for a solution that will boost performance & uptime and save on development cost & time. But the unreliable WooCommerce hosting provider could result in the opposite outcomes. And you don’t want that.

Developers are keen to go through all the crucial metrics while choosing the best WooCommerce hosting, and that’s why they trust Cloudways as the optimum hosting solution. Here are the main reasons developers choose WooCommerce hosting, so keep reading to find out more.

Why Do WooCommerce Developers Choose Cloudways?

WooCommerce developers prefer the hosting provider that offers ultra-fast performance and robust security. Cloudways offers exactly that and more to fully meet those requirements.

Also, an ecommerce store’s success is unpredictable, and you never know when you might need to expand your hosting limits. With Cloudways, users just have to pay for the resources they use, and they can scale up any time to save additional costs whenever needed.

Cloudways’ instant 1-click solutions save loads of time for WooCommerce developers, so they can focus on other tasks instead of worrying about hosting. I’ve covered some of the most useful features in the following section.

  1. Intuitive Platform
  2. Free WooCommerce Migration
  3. Server and Application Cloning
  4. Push and Pull Staging Area
  5. Auto-Healing Servers
  6. 1-Click Backup & Restore
  7. Git Integration
  8. Cloudways API
  9. MySQL and MariaDB Support
  10. Cron Job Manager
  11. Easy Scalability
  12. Proactive Monitoring
  13. Multiple PHP Versions
  14. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)
  15. Team Collaboration

Intuitive Platform

The Cloudways Platform simplifies all WooCommerce hosting complexities and offers quick solutions that developers recommend. No, you don’t have to deal with the command lines or cPanel, but rather enjoy working on the user-friendly interface to perform all actions instantly.

The platform is easily navigable and offers users the freedom to customize their server and application settings as per their requirements. The pre-installed server & application settings free you from time-consuming manual installations and degradation.

Free WooCommerce Migration

Website migration can be a daunting and costly process. But with Cloudways, you have the experts ready to migrate your WooCommerce site, and that too for FREE. Yes, Cloudways gets generous here as it provides one FREE white-glove migration to all Cloudways users. You can request your free migration anytime on Cloudways.

Cloudways WordPress Migrator

Besides, WooCommerce and WordPress users can also use the Cloudways WordPress Migrator Plugin to migrate their websites for unlimited free migrations. What more would a WooCommerce developer want?

Server and Application Cloning

Cloudways makes application and server cloning a breeze with its 1-click cloning solution. Users can simplify their workflows and conduct quick database & application compatibility tests via cloning sites and servers.

Server and Application Cloning in cloudways platform

With Cloudways, you get the freedom to either clone the website on the same server or launch a new server with pre-cloned applications. Get started by setting up your website server and clicking the submit button; you will have your cloned website ready in a few minutes.

Push and Pull Staging Area

Here’s where it gets real for developers. Unlike other WooCommerce hosting providers, Cloudways gives you complete freedom to develop and test unlimited staging sites, so you don’t experience downtime on your live websites.

With Cloudways staging environment, users are set to test their plugins, themes, and new code-bases without affecting their live sites. Moreover, you can move data to the live sites using the Push and Pull operations. Also, Cloudways maintains Deployment Logs that contain the detailed history of all push & pull requests.

Server Cloning Cloudways

Server staging selection cloudways

The Cloudways staging environment is secured with htpasswd, and users can disable or change the password protection if they wish. Also, you can back up your live website before creating a staging site, eliminating any risks of corrupting your site.

With Cloudways push and pull option for files and databases, developers can push the site design without affecting the database files.

Plus, you get SSL certificate protection on all staging sites, ensuring end-to-end encryption. You can use the “Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate” for free.

Auto-Healing Servers

No developer can risk website crashes. But although complete immunity to crashes can never be guaranteed, a reliable hosting provider sets all the conditions to minimize the risk. Cloudways offers auto-healing servers that automatically resolve most major and minor issues.

1-Click Backup & Restore

Backups are essential for every website; you never know when your site may break down, or you end up deleting files or doing anything that ruins your site. You may revert to the older versions if you have a timely backup to your sites.

Cloudways offers automatic offsite backups that free you from the worry of losing your data and settings in case of any inconveniences, and stores the backups on Amazon S3 servers.

You get two types of backups with Cloudways, that are:

  1. Automated offsite server-level backup
  2. On-demand application-level backup

Backup & restore feature at Cloudways platform

Also, while restoring your site’s older versions, you can either carry the Full Restore (restoring both application web files and the database) or a Partial Restore (restore either the application web files or the database).

Git Integration

Codebase management is among the core ingredients of the development workflow.

WooCommerce developers count Git as a vital part of their workflow. The GitLab CI tells you about the deployments to the right branches. Git preserves the deployment history for rolling back to any version if a user deploys to different environments.

The auto-deployments let you get the updated code deployed on the live servers, just when there’s a change in the remote repositories.

Git Integration with Cloudways

Deploying apps from Git to the Cloudways Platform is quick and requires you to follow the steps below:

  • SSH key generation
  • Uploading the SSH key to the GitHub repository
  • Copying the SSH address
  • Deploying the app code

With the Cloudways “Deployment Via Git” feature, you can easily connect the Git repository with your Cloudways application.

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Cloudways API

Here’s another Cloudways feature that WooCommerce developers love. You can create your own solutions by developing, integrating, and managing your servers and applications using the RESTful API.

Cloudways API

The Cloudways API gives the ultimate flexibility and intuitiveness of using the Cloudways Platform. Read the API documentation to learn more.

MySQL and MariaDB Support

WooCommerce developers require Database Management Systems that let them store, modify, and retrieve their data without any hassles, and Cloudways provides just the right tools for that.

Cloudways supports the latest MySQL and MariaDB versions on all of its servers. Users may switch between the databases as per their needs.

MariaDB is an advanced replacement for MySQL, is an open-source RDBMS, and is available for free. All servers deployed on Cloudways after January 12th, 2022, have MariaDB 10.4 set as their default database.

MySQL and MariaDB Support Cloudways

Cron Job Manager

Developers can’t rely on the WordPress default cron system handled by WP-Cron, as their execution is unreliable. So, a server-level cron job is better than a WP-Cron job.

Cloudways makes scheduling cron jobs a quick and easy task thanks to the built-in Cron Job Management feature. Users can add new cron jobs by setting the minutes, hours, days, weeks, or months, and get started with just a few clicks.

Cron Job Management Cloudways

Easy Scalability

An eCommerce store’s success is unpredictable at times, so WooCommerce developers prefer a scalable hosting solution like Cloudways. Users get complete freedom & flexibility to increase their server’s resources instantly with Cloudways.

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The Vertical Scaling feature allows you to add more computing power to your existing server to handle the high traffic numbers.

Vertical Scaling option at Cloudways platform

Proactive Monitoring

When the server resources fall short, you may encounter many server & application issues; so developers always recommend monitoring your server and application resources.

Cloudways understands the importance of monitoring and offers a proactive approach to monitoring your server in real-time and seeing over 16 different metrics from your console.

You can also integrate New Relic for application performance insights and quickly troubleshoot the issues. Moreover, the CloudwaysBot sends notifications and offers live performance insights to optimize your applications and servers. You can integrate CloudwaysBot with Slack, emails, etc.

Multiple PHP Versions

WooCommerce developers prefer a hosting platform that supports all PHP-based applications. Cloudways lets its users select their preferred PHP version and provides dedicated servers for complete freedom. With Cloudways, users can upgrade or downgrade their PHP with a single click.

You can opt from the following PHP versions on Cloudways:

  • PHP 5.6
  • PHP 7.0
  • PHP 7.1
  • PHP 7.2
  • PHP 7.3
  • PHP 7.4
  • PHP 8.0

Multiple PHP Versions Cloudways

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)

Cloudways provides an SMTP Addon as a gateway for delivering emails from your server.

You can either configure the Cloudways (Elastic Email) SMTP add-on for as low as $0.10 for 1000 emails a month or configure the external or custom SMTP service like Gmail, Mailgun, and more.

SMTP Cloudways platform

Team Collaboration

Cloudways understands the value of collaboration for WooCommerce developers, allowing its users to manage team accounts with one login. This feature enables the user to work on multiple projects on the Cloudways Platform, making it best for developers working for numerous clients.

Team Collaboration

Also, users can group applications and create Projects to classify them and assign them to their teams. This way, the work can be distributed easily among the team, and the owner can set limited or full access to the server or application.

Here’s What the Developers Say About Cloudways!

I reached out to some trusted WooCommerce/WordPress developers to get their word on why developers prefer Cloudways over other hosting providers.

Daniel Schutzsmith – Web Developer & Design Manager

https://daniel.schutzsmith.com (hosted on Cloudways)

Daniel Schutzsmith - Web Developer & Design Manager

– Source: Twitter/@schutzsmith

Elastic Search on WordPress

A hidden gem on Cloudways is the Elasticsearch service. Cloudways servers come with Elasticsearch built-in, so you can run very powerful searches on your WordPress site by turning it on and installing the ElasticPress plugin from 10Up. I made a video on how I use this powerful search on websites to search millions of records in WordPress.

Fastest WP-Admin Experience

Let’s face it, the wp-admin editing experience can take forever to load, but I’ve found that a site that loads slowly in the admin side on other hosts tends to actually load much faster on Cloudways. This also goes for updating plugins and themes, there seems to be a general rapid loading time on Cloudways vs. other hosts.

Breeze Caching Plugin

A game-changer for me has been embracing the Breeze caching plugin from Cloudways. By default, it is a part of all new Application installs of WordPress with the ideal configurations already in place, which makes it very easy to use. No need for external third-party caching plugins or services that would cost more money. I’ve also seen the Breeze plugin load the site much faster than other caching plugins I used before.

Nat Miletic – WordPress Developer & SEO

Nat Miletic - WordPress Developer & SEO

– Source: Twitter/@natmiletic

One of the main reasons WooCommerce developers should choose Cloudways is performance. Most WordPress and WooCommerce websites are slow to load, leading to visitors leaving the site and not making a purchase. In fact, over 70% of website visitors say that a slow website would impact their willingness to buy from an online retailer (Unbounce).

Improving WooCommerce performance starts with a great hosting provider. Cloudways offers some of the fastest servers on the market and has free tools to help website developers improve their website speeds effortlessly.

We recommend selecting a plan with excellent server-side caching with Object Cache Pro and enabling and configuring the Breeze plugin for websites that need more horsepower. We have seen this combo improve our client website load times by as much as 86% (from 7 to 1 second fully loaded).

Cloudways eliminates the need for expensive hosting, which is usually required for more resource-intensive websites that run WooCommerce. This is why we are starting to use Cloudways exclusively for all of our new WooCommerce development projects.


WooCommerce developers prefer a hosting plan that gives them the absolute freedom to scale and monitor their services while maintaining excellent speeds, performance, and uptime. Cloudways offers all of that and more; hence it is preferred by WooCommerce developers worldwide.

Although Cloudways offers tons of features, I have only mentioned the developer-preferred features in this blog. Have any suggestions in mind? Feel free to comment below.

Does WooCommerce offer web hosting?

Yes, WooCommerce offers WordPress self-hosting for growing stores and enterprises starting from $45 per month. But, if you want a managed hosting solution, then you can check out Cloudways WooCommerce hosting plans starting from $10 per month, with a 3-day free trial (no credit card details required).

Which is the best hosting for WooCommerce?

It depends upon your requirements, but you can opt for Cloudways WooCommerce Hosting if you’re seeking an overall solution that combines performance, uptime, reliability, security, and affordability.

How much does a WooCommerce developer cost?

A WooCommerce developer may cost from $30 to $150 an hour. Charges may differ depending upon the nature of the problem and expertise.

How much does a WooCommerce store cost?

WooCommerce is a free plugin available in the WordPress repository. So you can get started for $0, but you’ll have to pay for the domain, hosting, and development costs.

Customer Review at

“Great performance for the price, and plenty of control”

Sean P [SMB Owner]

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Sarim Javaid is a Digital Content Producer at Cloudways. He has a habit of penning down his random thoughts and giving words and meaning to the clutter of ideas colliding inside his mind. His obsession with Google and his curious mind add to his research-based writing. Other than that, he’s a music and art admirer and an overly-excited person.

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